3 Myths You Believe About Oily and Combination Skin Types

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Just popping into set the record straight on why oily skin occurs and how you can use oil, yes I said oil, to fix the challenges that come only with this and combination skin type.

Today, we'll cover the 3 myths about oily and combination skin types that you MUST break away from in order to achieve healthy glowing skin.

Getting your mindset right is the #1 thing you have to conquer you want to succeed at avoiding the greasy, mile away shine. As the popular saying goes, "You are your worst enemy and best asset" ;-)

From serving many customers from all walks of life over the last 7 plus years, I can tell you that the best and most successful customers are those with the right mindset and attitude, who have the right education about skincare.

It's myth-busters time, my friend! Time to re-align your perspectives and make things right :)

Myth #1: "I HAVE oily skin, so oil cleansing is not for me."

Why this is a myth? During the Industrial Revolution water based cleansers were made available to the masses, and later as time passed remarketed as the pretty bottled face and body cleansers that you see in stores today.

People have the misconception that you can not use oil-based products to cleanse. And that using them will increase their skin's oil production. Leaving them with what I call the "Crisco Shine" and will cause more breakouts.

The Truth & Science Behind Oily Skin

The simple truth is that oil and water do not mix. So what that means is that if you are using only water to cleanse, you are not removing the acne causing debris and oils from your skin.

And if you think using commercial soaps and face cleansers are the answer, sorry they aren't. Most skincare products found on the shelves of your favorite store are synthetic and basically a harsh detergents made to clean the masses.

The sad truth is that they actually strip your skin of of it's natural oils leaving you with dry, irrirated, and dehydrated skin. And the worst part is that your skin actually goes into OVER OIL PRODUCTION to compensatefor the lack of hydreation and creates the very skin issue you are trying to eliminate!

The ultimate truth is that oil attracts oil. Using oil based cleansers are the perfect way to deeply cleanse your skin while not stripping it of its natural oils.

Myth #2: "Oil Cleansers Are Going to Clog My Pores!"

This is SO not true.

Actually they will do the opposite.

Here is how an oil cleanser works.

As we know oil and water do not mix, however oil and oil do.

Your skin naturally produces oil, so when oil is applied to it, the cleansing oil bonds with the oils on your face, to remove bacteria, unclog pores, and remove dead skin cells.

It also means that when cleansing balms are rubbed on your face, it easily dissolves the toughest of makeup.

So it's a win, win! You get clean, clear, and hydrated skin!

The truth is that adding our 2-Minute Make Up Remover and Cleansing Balm to your skincare routine, will get you the glow you have been after, and eliminate the appearance of oily skin.

We guarantee with consistent use your skin will become soft, smooth, supple, and glowing! And because our 2-Minute Balm will not strip your skin of its oils, you are more likely to see the reduction in fine lines and dryness.

Now that you know how this beautiful product works, and that your current cleaning products are doing more harm than good. Go ahead and click this link to purchase your jar of our 2-Minute Make Up Remover & Cleansing Balm. You can purchase the balm alone or you can purchase a done for you set, that includes our Distlled Rose Face Mist and Glo Day Night Face Serum. 

I have personally had customers tell me they absolutely love this product and that it completely changed their skin.

Myth #3: "I Can Totally DIY An Oil Skin Cleanser"

I can totally understand why someone would believe in this as I’ve been there myself, but I have seen time and again that DIY can be more costly and time consuming than just purchasing the product.

I like a good DIY skincare project just like the next person. I mean they are fun, and let's face it cheap.

But there in lies the problem. Cheap does not always give you the results that you want. While yes you can go to your local grocery store and mix together a bunch of oils. Without basic understanding of the properties of each oil such as rate at which an oil will aborb into your skin, recommended usage amount, and the shelf life of each oil your DIY project could be costing you more then you intended.

People have the misconception that they can DIY a product and get the same results, as a product that has been meticulously thought out by a person who is passionate about understanding how a product can best serve their customers.

The truth is that our 2-Minute Make Up Remover and Cleansing Balm is designed with premium ingredients such as Rose Hip Oil, Evening Primrose, and Sea Buckthorn Oils. NONE of these can be found in your local grocery store, and their benefits to your skin are unmatched to any that are.

The ultimate truth that purchasing our products is an investment.

Aside from using only premium ingredients to help you achieve the glowing, hydrated, smooth skin you want you are going to make an investment into yourself.

Why is believing in these 3 myths problematic?

Because believing in these 3 myths will stop you from taking action the right action. Your confidence gets affected, you don't seek guidance, and subsequently, you don't transform your skin as a result.

As someone who creates premium quality plant-based skincare for a living, I have seen breakthrough after breakthrough and I know that is not difficult to make the initial investment into your skin care products. People just don't have the right guidance to succeed when it comes to understanding the science behind natural skincare.

Many people search for information online fruitlessly, and when that doesn't work, they give up. I don’t want you to give up because to do so would be harmful to your skin and overall wellbeing.

How else will there be millions of people who have naturally glowing skin? So they are all geniuses? No... they did it by making the investment in themselves to find plant based products created by an expert who cares about you not just as a customer, but as a person.

So take heart. And Invest in Yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Don't for a second doubt that!

See you in a few days! And I will be sharing with you some stories of others who have made the investment in themselves and the results they got!

Till then, take care :)




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